The Great Loss

by Wilds Forlorn

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Released in 2010 as a free download.

Re-released that same year on tape by Zwaertgevegt.


released February 19, 2010



all rights reserved


Wilds Forlorn Utrecht, Netherlands

Wilds Forlorn is an utterence of loss, grief, frustration, anger, and world-weariness. Founded in 2008, originally, the music consisted entirely of piano works, but the project eventually took a different turn. Wilds Forlorn can be seen as a solemn lamentation for the burden of existence in the modern world. ... more

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Track Name: The Great Loss
No return

If there is hope
It lies in death

We fear not the end
But the means
And beauty withers
But what fools
Who think her slain
For she knows no end

Stark sceneries
Monotonous landscapes
Lifeless panoramas
Bleak horizons

No release

How can there be hope?
Even in death?

We fear not the end
Nor the means
Still beauty withers
And we were fools
There is nothing left to gain
Nothing left to mend
Track Name: Painting the End
Shatter the sky
Bury the light
Dismember the will
Establish the structure

Painting the end
Track Name: Vain
As we fill in the blanks
We are left to ponder
The purpose and triviality

We try to find our dance
To accomplish ourselves
When did we become so vain?

Cursed with the burden of reason
To bathe in ignorance or drown in guilt

Consign to oblivion
Covet to forget what countless had never known
To chase the absurd or embrace the nihil
Track Name: Wilds Forlorn
Forlorn, the wilds
And severed the bonds
A culture of fear
Where chaos is shunned

Forsaken the roots
And buried the past
A world of order
Where beauty is obsolete

The sky weeps, grieving
At the loss
The tears touching the concrete

Blood pours unending
From every vein
To feed the structure of desolace

The grace is fading
From this world
Dried up, wilted and buried